Pilgrim Preceptors - The Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors


Maleth Conclave No 38 : MALTA

The Consecration of the Maleth Conclave No. 38, the 40th Conclave in the Register of the Order, took place on Wednesday the 29th of March 2023 in Malta.
The Most Illustrious Grand Master, MIll Bro Jonathan Charles Roberts, the Consecrating Officer, assisted by a team of Grand Officers performed the Ceremonies in excellent manner.
Ill Bro Richard EP Jump, PAGMar, was Installed as primus Illustrious Preceptor of Malth Conclave by the Installing Office, Charles J Aspinell, DGM.

Constitution of the Mediterranean Region

On the same day the Most Illustrious Grand Master announced the Constitution of the Mediterranean Region and he appointed, installed and invested as primus Regional Governor R Ill Bro Eddie Kalogeropoulos.

After the Ceremonies, all Brethren enjoyed a superb menu in the dining room of the historical Masonic Hall of the English Constitution in Malta.

Athenaeum Conclave No. 28

The first-ever Banner Dedication of a private Conclave in the history of the Order took place on Saturday the 18th of March 2023 after the Installation Ceremony of the Athenaeum Conclave No. 28 in Athens, Greece!
The Brethren also enjoyed a wonderful lunch after the ceremonies.

Grand Sword Dedication

Meeting of Athelstan Conclave No. 2 on Saturday 28th. January where the sword was presented to the Grand Conclave by R. Ill. Bro. Stephen Priestley, Regional Governor of the Northern Region.

Apologies for the poor quality of these 2 photographs

The Deputy Grand Master attended and Thomas Auber, Regional Govenor of the Eastern Region acted as Grand Ex. Preceptor.
Bro Gary Taylor acted as Grand Sword Bearer on the day and Bro Brian Pulley, Grand Steward as Grand Keeper of the Portal.

The Consecration of Hubert de Vaux Conclave No. 37 in Brampton in the County of Cumbria.

The Deputy Grand Master, Illustrious Preceptor Eric Brown and The Grand Master

The Consecration Team

Grand Master and Founders of Hubert de Vaux Conclave

First season meeting for Athenaeum Conclave No. 28 of the Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors in Kifisia, Greece! Today three Candidates were received as Pilgrims and Advanced as Preceptors in a fantastic Ceremony!!!
All new members are Grand Officers of the Grand Chapter of RAM of Greece, and one of them the current Grand Inner Guard of the Grand Lodge of Greece.
Congratulations to the Illustrious Preceptor, Ill Bro George Morfopoulos, and his Officers for the excellent performance of the Ritual.
Our next meeting is on March 18th, 2023, for the Installation of the Elect Illustrious Preceptor, Ex Bro Yannis Kametas!!!

Grand Conclave 2022

The new Deputy Grand Master Charles Aspinell with Acting Worthy Companion John Wickes and Excellent Companion Tony Llewellyn

With the Grand Master Jonathan Charles Roberts

A new page in the history of the Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors!
The Paulus Tarsensis Conclave Νο 35 was Constituted, Consecrated, and Dedicated by the Most Illustrious Brother Jonathan Charles Roberts and his Grand Officers on Saturday 18th June in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The primus Illustrious Preceptor, Ill Bro Theodoros Theodorou, was Installed in the Chair by the Installing Officer the Assistant Grand Master, R Ill Bro Charles J. Aspinell.
The fourteen Petitioners/Founders will meet in the city of Thessaloniki, North Greece, twice a year, in May & October.
An official festive board followed in the Holiday Inn Hotel in an enthusiastic atmosphere!

An historical Emergency Meeting of Athenaeum Conclave No 28 took place on Friday 17th June in the beautiful Masonic Hall in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.
The Most Illustrious Grand Master and eight more Grand Officers of the Grand Conclave attended an excellent Reception and Advancement ceremony in the Greek language of eleven Candidates from North Greece in preparation for their becoming Founders of Paulus Tarsensis Conclave No 35.
A casual dinner followed in a traditional tavern where the Brethren enjoyed traditional local specialties and spirits.

R Ill Bro Roger O'Brien made his last visit to a Conclave at Canterbury on the 16th June 2022. R Ill Bro Roger is a member of Cantium Conclave No 12 and attended the Installation meeting where David Green was installed as the Illustrious Preceptor. David Green is the Deputy Grand Master Mason and Senior Past Master of the Kent Region of The Operatives.
R Ill Bro Roger announced to the members and visitors present that this was his last visit to a Conclave before he stood down as the Deputy Grand Master the following week. R Ill Bro Colin Tunbridge Regional Governor for the Southern Counties thanked R Ill Bro Roger for his service to the two Conclaves in Kent as well as his service to the Order as the first Regional Governor and as an Assistant and Deputy Grand Master.

The Brethren at a recent meeting of Athenaeum Conclave No. 28. Greece

Athenaeum Conclave No. 28 enjoying their Festive Board

An enjoyable breakfast at Iceni Conclave No 30 on Tuesday, 1st March 2022.

Iceni Conclave No 30 – Tuesday, 1st March 2022 at Great Yarmouth
The Regional Governor R.Ill.Bro. Thomas Auber, the Ill.Preceptor Raymond Clarke and the Candidate Bro. Eddie Moore

Grantebrycge Conclave No. 36 Consecrated on Thursday 24th February 2022
Nearly 60 Pilgrims and Preceptors were privileged to be present at the Consecration carried out by our Grand Master, M.Ill.Bro. Jonathan Roberts, pictured left with Ill.Preceptor Bill Dastur centre and R.Ill.Bro. Thomas Auber Regional Governor on the right at the Masonic Hall, Newmarket.

Brethren of the newly Consecrated Conclave, Grantebrycge Conclave No 36.

The Grand Master with new candidate Tony Vickery and Regional Governor Roger Freeman at the Meeting of Kernow Conclave No 18 in Wadebridge, Cornwall on 2nd. February 2022.

The Grand Master congratulating the new candidate Tony Vickery.

The Grand Master with Ill Prec Colin Adams, Regional Governor Right Ill Roger Freeman acting as Excellent Preceptor, Ill Bro Barry Slade, Worthy Preceptor and Bro Tony Vickery, Candidate at Kernow Conclave No 18 in Wadebridge, Cornwall on 2nd. February 2022