Pilgrim Preceptors - The Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors


The Brethren at a recent meeting of Athenaeum Conclave No. 28. Greece

Athenaeum Conclave No. 28 enjoying their Festive Board

An enjoyable breakfast at Iceni Conclave No 30 on Tuesday, 1st March 2022.

Iceni Conclave No 30 – Tuesday, 1st March 2022 at Great Yarmouth
The Regional Governor R.Ill.Bro. Thomas Auber, the Ill.Preceptor Raymond Clarke and the Candidate Bro. Eddie Moore

Grantebrycge Conclave No. 36 Consecrated on Thursday 24th February 2022
Nearly 60 Pilgrims and Preceptors were privileged to be present at the Consecration carried out by our Grand Master, M.Ill.Bro. Jonathan Roberts, pictured left with Ill.Preceptor Bill Dastur centre and R.Ill.Bro. Thomas Auber Regional Governor on the right at the Masonic Hall, Newmarket.

Brethren of the newly Consecrated Conclave, Grantebrycge Conclave No 36.

The Grand Master with new candidate Tony Vickery and Regional Governor Roger Freeman at the Meeting of Kernow Conclave No 18 in Wadebridge, Cornwall on 2nd. February 2022.

The Grand Master congratulating the new candidate Tony Vickery.

The Grand Master with Ill Prec Colin Adams, Regional Governor Right Ill Roger Freeman acting as Excellent Preceptor, Ill Bro Barry Slade, Worthy Preceptor and Bro Tony Vickery, Candidate at Kernow Conclave No 18 in Wadebridge, Cornwall on 2nd. February 2022

The Grand Master with Regional Governor Stephen Priestly and Ill Prec. Michael Ogram
at Athelstan Conclave No 2 held at Castlegate House, Leeds on 22nd. January 2022

Conclave members present at Athelstan Conclave No 2 on 22nd January 2022

Visit to St Augustine Conclave No 1 Gillingham on Monday 10th January 2022

St Augustine Conclave No 1

The Grand Master confirmed Colin Tunbridge as Regional Govenor and gave a short talk on the probable historic basis of the three principal officers.

Visit to St Richard No 6
Our Grand Master and Newly Installed Ill Prec Bro Alan Hobden

Visit to St Richard No 6 on Thursday 2nd Dec